Individual Solutions

We are adapting to your needs not vice versa- we believe it is the most appropriate. NASSAU Garage Doors are manufactured according to your purpose, wishes and needs. The range of colours will make it possible to match the Garage Door to the rest of the house. NASSAU Garage Doors are always supplied with a operating equipment giving comfort in everyday use of garage. Garage Doors from NASSAU are equipped in burglary prevention blocking system securing that the door will be impossible to open from outside. Nassau is delivering quality in every aspect. We are fitting, delivering and installing your new Garage Door so you will have the guarantee of best possible solution to your house. 

We believe in Danish quality, service and availability.

In our web shop is "your Garage Door your design". You order the solution which matches best your needs and  than you are free to choose the colour to your Garage Door as you wish. We offer windows as well, if there is a need for windows in the Garage Door. It is possible to select windows from two of our window types: Panorama and Vision. It is easy and simple. We tailor your Garage Door exactly according to your wishes and needs. In our webshop you will immediately get a total price for your Garage Door. Visit our web shop and we will help you all the way through the whole process. 
NASSAU garageport i høj kvalitet

How to order Garage Door from Nassau?

If you wish to order a Garage Door from NASSAU, with few clicks can you get a professional guidance and order your new Garage Door online in ourweb shop. By tasting details regarding width, height ,choice of colour and type of Garage Door, you will be able to calculate the price of your new Garage Door. It is always possible to choose a NASSAU Measuring in our web shop while ordering Garage Door. Hereby one of our own educated installer will measure and control place requirements and afterwards check already typed measurements, so we are sure you receive Garage Door that exactly fit to your garage. If you decide to choose NASSAU Measuring your order won´t be binding before NASSAU conduce measurements.

We help with pleasure with everything from technical clarification, counseling etc.- we are ready to help and to answer your questions. Call us and let´s have a talk about your new Garage Door.

Customer: Tommy Hansen, Stege
I called NASSAU because i had a few questions, I got the answer to all of them. Thanks to that  it was uncomplicated for me to order in NASSAU webshop. It was easy to navigate and I could follow the price all the time depend of my choice.


Bestil din NASSAU garageport online
Bestil din NASSAU garageport online
3 garageport modeller fra NASSAU

Types of Garage Door

We are proud to present three types of NASSAU´S Garage Doors. Every type of doors is alike when it comes to functionality, but each of the type has its own expression and style. The traditional Garage Door Classic, the stylish Softline and Woodgrain with its tree structure on the surface. Garage Doors are produced exactly according to your measurements, wishes and needs. You have free choice of color, so the Garage Door will match the rest of the house. NASSAU Garage Doors are always supplied in electrical operation system which is giving comfort in everyday use. Garage Doors are equipped in burglary prevention system, blocking the door if someone will attempt to break in from outside.

Model Classic garageport fra NASSAU
Model Softline garageport fra NASSAU
Model Woodgrain garageport fra NASSAU
Danskproduceret NASSAU garageport i høj kvalitet

Why to choose NASSAU Garage Door?

What is important, how to decide?  Many questions arise naturally when starting hunt for new Garage Door – there are many traps. With more than 47 years of experience in sale and manufacturing of doors for both industry and private customers we are aware of our market position, it gives us certainty that we are delivering quality with our Danish produced Garage Doors. 

Read more HERE if you are interested.

Guide til opmåling og montage af NASSAU garageport

See HERE, how to measure and install your Garage Door, and how to program your electrical operation system.

Køb af fjernbetjening til NASSAU garageport

See HERE the choice of Nassau electrical operation system. Compose the solution which meets your needs and requirements.