Product overview

The NASSAU 9000 range comes in 3 variants: 9000F (foam-filled panels), 9000G (aluminium frame construction with various fillings) and 9000M - a hybrid of the 9000F and 9000G. All our sectional doors can be fitted with a built-in pass door, although wherever and whenever possible we do recommend pass doors are located to one side of the sectional door.

NASSAU can also offer a range of architectural solutions to link the two doors together using the same materials for both plus any side- or top panels.

Sectional door, insulated foamed - 9000F


9000F with passdoor

9000F with side- and topfield

9000F with windows

9000F with passdoor&windows

9000F with side- and topfield

Sectional door, aluminium frame construction with different fillings - 9000G


9000G with passdoor

9000G with side - and topfield

Sectional door, combination of foamed and aluminium frame sections - 9000M


9000M with passdoor

9000M with side - and topfield