Door tracking

Door tracking is the path the door leaf travels along its horizontal and vertical rails in relation to the structure of the building.

In the NASSAU 9000 model, the door leaf tracks completely free of the door opening, allowing the full height of the opening to be used.

By using a flexible rail system, the NASSAU 9000 can be adapted to whatever room there is available; it can be raised to either a vertical or horizontal position, or follow the angle of the building’s ceiling or roof. In order to make best use of available space and most stable form of installation, the door leaf ought to track as close to the ceiling as possible.

To establish what the best solution is, we recommend you make use of NASSAU's extensive experience for measuring-up and planning the best possible tracking.

Tracking for any situation

NASSAU 9000 can be installed using 9 different standard tracking versions, designed to meet all requirements.

The range can be seen below:

Standard Lift

LH 2004:
Low Head

High Lift

High lift with springs on consoles

Standard Lift along the roof line

LHT 2004:
Low Head along the roof line

High Lift along the roof line

High Lift with springs on consoles, along the roof line

Vertical Lift

Vertical Lift with springs on consoles

Download further information about assembling dimensions, tracking versions, etc.