NASSAU 9000G - Elegantly designed sectional door with beautiful inflow of light

The NASSAU 9000G is designed for buildings where a lot of natural light is required or where it must be possible to see in – e.g. showrooms. The NASSAU 9000G has a very strong aluminium construction, giving it a light and elegant look.

Section height can vary from 400 mm to 675 mm, making it possible to suit the door's style to that of the building.

The NASSAU 9000G is available with a wide range of fillings, and in all colours within the RAL colour range. There is virtually no limit to the options available, making it possible to design the appearance of the door exactly as you want it.

The NASSAU 9000G is manufactured in accordance with European guidelines and fulfils all rules and norms. The NASSAU 9000 range has been tested in accordance with European Norm 13241-1 by the Danish Technological Institute and is fully approved in accordance with the new European norm.