Electrical operations

In addition to the comfort factor of automatic operation, there are a number of other advantages.

Improved working environment

Automatic opening and closing which shortens the length of time the door is open reducing the loss of heat (or cold) and protecting against draughts - all to the benefit of the working environment. Electrical operation also provides smoother opening and closing, making door operation quieter.

Longer lifetime an better economy

Electrical operation gives the door a smoother and more uniform motion, reducing wear and tear and extending its lifetime. The combination of reduced wear and time saved means the investment in electrical operation is quickly recovered.

Equipment for any situation

Depending on traffic and requirements, an automatic NASSAU door can be operated by a wide range of control equipment:

Electrically operated NASSAU 9000 doors can also be fitted with a wide range of various accessories, such as key switches, signal lights/traffic lights or integration to access control systems, fire alarms etc.

NASSAU electrical controls are of course CE marked and comply with the EU Machine Directive.