NASSAU complies with EN 13 241-1

The highest security in the usage of our products has always been the most important issue when developing new products and accessories at NASSAU Door. We therefore consider it a matter of course to annonce that all NASSAU models, delivered after 1 May complies with the new European Norm EN 13 241-1.

With effect from 1 May 2005, all doors sold on the European market must comply with a set of rules designed to ensure high safety standards for use of the product. The guidelines for meeting the requirements are defined in the European norm EN 13 241-1. To indicate compliance with the norm, manufacturers must apply the official CE mark to their products.

As mentioned above, it is usually the manufacturer itself that ensures the product lives up to requirements, but in EN 13 241-1 there are additional requirements for an external institute to review and evaluate the door's wind- and water proofing, wind resistance, insulation values and various other safety aspects.

The certifying institute must also inspect the manufacturer's FPC (factory production control) to ensure uniform production in accordance with the product tested.

Review made by Danish Technological Institute
During the process of achieving compliance with EN 13 241-1, Nassau Door A/S selected the DTI (Danish Technological Institute) as its external institute. After its review of the documentation and tests, the DTI issued a declaration to the effect that Nassau Door A/S applies the technical and manufacturing systems to produce doors in accordance with EN 13 241-1.